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The traditional Thai yoga massage is known under the Thai name "Nuad Phaen Boran" (roughly translated: "Ancient healing touch") and is a holistic treatment that has evolved from Ayurveda and yoga.

Asokananda (Harald Brust, 1955–2005) founder of the Sunshine Network was one of the first Europeans to promote Thaiyoga massage beyond the borders of Thailand and to train teachers internationally.


Thai massage and yoga

The art of traditional Thaiyoga massage is a holistic experience that fuses the centuries-old techniques of Thai massage with the healing aspects of yoga (asanas).

The Thai yoga massage is a treatment in which you are brought with gentle stretches, targeted pressure and asana Übungen from yoga, in different starting positions. These positions (asanas in yoga) are used for relaxation as well as stretching and stimulating the flow of energy (Qi). Regular use of Thai yoga massage can maintain or restore the natural flexibility of the body.

The energy line system commonly used in Thai yoga massage, the 10 Sen ("Sen" are the vital energy lines according to the Thai massage tradition) correspond to parts of the energetic energy lines in yoga (Prana-Nadis). Prana, Chi, Qi, or Ki are the names in the different traditions for the vital energy.

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha

The individual mobility

The mobility of the body is important in psychotherapy because it allows us to reach another level of self-awareness, expression and change. By focusing on the body and its movements, we can access emotional and unconscious processes and add a physical dimension to our therapeutic work.

If the body is flexible, the mind is flexible and free.

Thaiyogamassage on the feet


The body is a medium through which emotions and inner states can be expressed. The mobility of the body enables us to express our emotions through gestures, posture and body movements. In the course of therapy, this can help to make elusive feelings or unconscious conflicts more visible and accessible.


The mobility of the body can also help to improve self-awareness. By consciously feeling our body movements and sensations, we develop a better understanding of our body and our physical limitations. This can help strengthen the mind-body connection and promote body awareness.

Thaiyogamassage on the back
Thaiyogamassage on leg


Changes and progress in the psychotherapeutic process are often also evident in physical experience and flexibility. For example, if someone was stiff and tense at the beginning but gains flexibility and mobility in the course of the therapy, this can be an indicator of inner changes, an improved self-perception or a loosened emotional burden.

Thaimassage Exercise Drawing
Thaimassage Exercise Drawing


The Thaiyogamassage is traditionally performed on the floor in a quiet and serious setting. The masseur and the client wear loose clothing that does not restrict movement.

A treatment lasts longer than 90 minutes, so take your time and rest accordingly so that you can gain therapeutic benefit from the treatment.

Over time, a deep connection to your inner self is re-established and your natural physical flexibility returns.

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