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Talk therapy

Talk therapy

according to Carl Rogers

If we have chosen the path of talk therapy, you will find here the protected space with appreciation and acceptance that supports your individual spiritual development.

Your own experiences in the here and now are needed. Place your concentration mindfully on your present feelings, thoughts and experiences, rather than fixating on past events or future fears. By paying conscious attention to your current experiences, you can develop greater self-awareness and bring about changes in your thoughts and actions.

Learn to re-engage your abilities and gain confidence to resolve your deep concerns confidently with your own special strategies.

I work according to the HeilprG. and am an independent and reliable contact in all life situations.

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Talk therapy

Discover talk therapy in the great outdoors

With us you have the opportunity to treat your worries and concerns in a very special way. Imagine how your thoughts blossom during a relaxing walk or a short hike in the beautiful nature.

Instead of sitting across from each other in a traditional way, we open the door to a refreshing outdoor experience. Our experience has shown that talk therapy in connection with nature is extraordinarily effective, especially when dealing with deep-rooted or complex concerns that have been weighing on your soul for a long time.

Through the meditative rhythm of walking and the harmonious connection with nature, you will experience amazing progress in overcoming your challenges. Take your first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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