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Business Coaching

Leadership effectiveness

Here, coaching focuses on the individual development and strengthening of leadership skills. The aim is to identify personal goals, challenges, structures and development areas and to develop individual solution strategies.

Coaching may include topics such as self-reflection, self-management, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and other leadership skills. The primary focus is to assist leadership and management with personal development and to increase his or her effectiveness as a leader.

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Stress Management

The pressures and strains of business life can lead to significant stress. Talk therapy can help identify symptoms of stress and develop appropriate coping strategies to prevent depression and burnout. Together with body psychotherapy tailored to your individual needs, resources can be activated to reduce stress, increase well-being and promote preventive protection against depression and burnout.


Talk therapy invites you to self-reflect and get to know yourself better. Here you have the opportunity to analyze your own thought patterns, behaviors and beliefs and gain new perspectives to make more conscious and informed decisions. With the support of meditation and breathing techniques, you can find peace and serenity, while talk therapy accompanies and supports you on your path of self-reflection.

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Decision making

Talk therapy can help provide clarity and support decision-making processes. By better understanding their own values, needs and goals, business people and managers can make informed and authentic decisions. These insights strengthen self-confidence and also enable a confident approach to problems with employees. Talk therapy provides a safe space to encourage this reflection and development and to support the individual decision-making process.

Business Coaching

Holistic corporate culture

Coaching for the company, on the other hand, focuses on the development of the company as a whole. Here, the focus is on optimizing the company's structure, processes, strategies and culture. Coaching can focus on topics such as goal setting, organizational structure, employee leadership, team dynamics and other company-specific aspects.

The goal is to strengthen the company as a whole in a humane and environmentally friendly way, increase efficiency and improve collaboration.

Strengthen emotional intelligence

Talk therapy promotes understanding and regulation of one's own emotions as well as the ability to recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. This is especially important for leaders to create a positive work environment and effectively motivate employees. By developing emotional intelligence, leaders can gain deeper empathy and establish a supportive, empathic leadership culture. Talk therapy provides a safe space to develop these emotional skills and strengthen interpersonal relationships in a professional context.

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Structural analysis

A structural analysis offers you customized support to better realize your potential. With our proven method of structural analysis, we help you develop a clear and effective strategy to formulate your goals. We analyze the structure of work processes and identify strengths, weaknesses and potential for improvement. Together we develop targeted measures to optimize processes, strengthen communication channels and establish a positive corporate culture.

Develop leadership skills

Through empathic listening, you develop the ability to put yourself in other people's perspectives and better understand their needs and concerns. This enables you to be empathetic and understanding when communicating with coworkers, which contributes to improved teamwork and a positive work environment. Talk therapy also helps you give feedback effectively. You'll learn to formulate constructive feedback based on mutual respect and growth. This promotes open communication and enables you to motivate employees and improve their performance.

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