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Setting up your own mind as a temple for meditation provides the space to integrate your regular and continuous meditation practice into your life. In this way you gain an inner alignment that is essential to achieve a deep meditative experience.

Calming the mind

is the first important lesson you should learn. Discover the transformative power of meditation and experience a profound calming of the mind. Through regular meditation, you can release stress and worry, find inner peace, and greatly improve your mental clarity.

lying buddha
Buddha altar in Wat Po Thailand


indonesian temple gate
an open temple door in which you can see an open temple door

Vipassana Meditation

Is one of the oldest forms of meditation in India and means to see things as they really are. Through Vipassana meditation you bring your body and mind into harmony. Feel the stillness within you and mindfully observe your own sensations, thoughts and emotions as you develop inner clarity and insight.

Experience deep self-knowledge, inner liberation and a lasting positive impact on your life. Over time you will gain your inner peace, serenity and balance in everyday life.