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Couples therapy

Why couple therapy?

If communication between you and your partner is often negative or unproductive, such as constant arguments, misunderstandings, or avoidance of conversation, this may be a sign of deeper issues.

You and your partner keep getting stuck in the same conflicts and patterns, and you have trouble resolving them or finding a compromise

If you feel you are emotionally distancing yourself from your partner, no longer feel a connection or intimacy, or feel you have lost interest in the relationship, this may be a sign of deeper issues that should be addressed.

If you're facing big changes, such as the transition to parenthood, career-related changes, or the loss of a loved one, couples therapy can help you deal with these challenges and strengthen your relationship.

There are many more reasons, but no hard and fast rules for when to start couples therapy. However, if you feel that your relationship is at a point where you are having difficulty dealing or finding solutions on your own, early couples therapy can help prevent further escalation and initiate positive change.

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Couples therapy

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Thai Yoga Lounge couple therapy

Discover new ways to strengthen your relationship together! Our couples therapy offers you the opportunity to have conversations in a safe and peaceful environment to identify your challenges. Each of you will be heard equally to openly share your feelings. Additionally, based on your physical constitution, we offer various options such as meditation, pranayama, acupressure, acrobatic yoga, energy or Thai yoga massage.

These techniques allow you to get to know each other on a whole new level and build new trust to engage with each other again. Our conversations always remain focused on the mutually determined goal and always offer space for exchange. Discover the power of change and strengthen your friendship and relationship with our couples therapy!

Basic seminars for couple therapy

Practice rooms of Thai Yoga Lounge

in WASV - Center for effective self-defense

Schmerlerstr. 32 - 90768 F├╝rth

Appointments only possible by prior arrangement !

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