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Hand in hand for advice

We find ways...


Everything starts with a trusting and open conversation. In a conversation we find out which path we take to clarify your concerns.

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Lila Lotus

Gram, who does not speak, Presses the burdened heart until it breaks.

painted picture for talk therapy

We find ways...

Talk therapy according to Carl R. Rogers

In the therapeutic conversation you explore your behavioral patterns yourself, update your skills and gain confidence to solve your issue yourself.

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People in a cozy round
Woman in swing
Lahu man imitates the television set
Couple talking on the bike and a ritscha on the street

As a consultation or seminar

Couples therapy

is a multifaceted and sustainable approach for us. Let's find ways to meet each other anew together.

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Chinese pharmacy counter

The Chinese doctor Sun Si Miao says: "Before treating diseases, nutritional therapy should be done first. Only if this does not help, one must try medicines. "

painted picture with very colorful blots

As treatment or seminar

Business Coaching

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Extended coaching