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Qi Energy massage

Qi Energy massage

Experience the transformative power of Qi energy massage! This unique method aims to restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the body and promote the free flow of Qi, our vital energy.

Through targeted stimulation of the 10 Sen energy lines and their acupressure points, energy blockages are dissolved, blood circulation improved, muscles relaxed and the energy flow in the body harmonised.

Unlike the Thai yoga massage, the Qi energy massage deliberately does not involve stretching exercises. Instead, the focus is on relaxation and deep breathing to optimally support the flow of energy in the body, rather than on promoting natural mobility.

Couple during an acroyoga exercise
Qi energy massage on the head
Energy lines work on the arms
Acroyoga Exercise for Three

The art of vital energy

The connection between body and mind is complex and is influenced by many factors. A harmonised vital energy alone does not automatically guarantee a calm mind. Experience the positive effect of a balanced Qi energy in the body on your mind and your well-being.

This type of massage can be gentle and soothing as well as powerful and stimulating, depending on the individual needs of the recipient. It can help athletes to perform better in the short term or artists to perform better.

Qi energy massage offers a soothing and effective way to harmonise the flow of energy in the body, relieve physical ailments and improve overall well-being.

Feel your body

Qi energy massage offers a therapeutic approach to body psychotherapy where the body is specifically brought into focus. Here it is assumed that traumatic experiences and emotional conflicts are stored in the body and can be processed and resolved through body-oriented interventions. Feeling the body is of central importance in such approaches to drive the therapeutic process.


The body is a sensorium for our emotions, needs and reactions. By listening attentively to bodily sensations, we can receive important clues about our inner states. Physical symptoms such as tension, pain, shortness of breath or restlessness can indicate unconscious emotional conflicts or stressful experiences. Sensing the body makes it possible to recognise these clues and include them in the therapeutic process.

Butterfly on green leaf
Fireworks in the night sky


Emotional experiences manifest not only in the mind but also in the body. By consciously feeling and perceiving the body, we can make the connection between physical sensations and emotional states. This promotes the integration of body and mind, which can lead to a deeper understanding and more comprehensive processing of emotional issues.


The body can also serve as a resource to find support, stability and well-being. Feeling the body allows us to connect with our own inner resources, such as a sense of safety, calm or strength. These resources can help us cope with difficult emotions or traumatic experiences and support us in developing new coping strategies.

grüner Papagai mit roten Schnabel

Qi Energy massage

Energy line work on the back

Thai Yoga Lounge

"Pain is the body's cry for the free flow of Qi"

According to TCM, a disturbed or blocked flow of Qi (the vital energy) can lead to pain and other health problems.

When qi cannot flow freely, the body "screams" in the form of pain or discomfort to draw attention to the imbalance.

Practice Rooms of the Thai Yoga Lounge

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