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Those who work with people never stop learning and are constantly developing.

Chief's wife
White Magic Being, the Barong

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Our holistic and sustainable form of therapy is based on a synthesis of manual therapies from Ayurveda bodywork (yoga, Thai yoga massage...), TCM, various meditation techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches such as talk therapy, couple therapy, anxiety therapy and many more.

It combines the insights and practices of different traditions and schools to enable comprehensive healing of body, mind and spirit. The basis of this therapy philosophy is the understanding of health as the harmonious interaction of these three aspects.

Roughly speaking, natural healing usually takes more than three times as long as the development of the disease.

Manual methods

Manual therapies focus on the physical level. They use targeted touch, stretching and movement to release physical tension, stimulate the flow of energy in the body and promote physical health. These methods strengthen the body, improve flexibility and activate the self-healing powers.

The psychotherapeutic approaches focus on the mental level. They offer a safe space for the individual expression of emotions, thoughts and fears. Through empathetic listening, active exploration and respectful support, self-knowledge is promoted, inner conflicts can be resolved and new perspectives developed. At this level, mental health is promoted and personal development is made possible.

The tradition of Ayurveda plays a central role on the spiritual level. It views the human being as an inseparable part of the universe and emphasises the importance of balance and harmony between body, mind and soul. Through Ayurvedic principles such as a balanced diet, mindful living, meditation and breathing exercises, awareness of one's spiritual nature is heightened. At this level, the connection to the inner source is strengthened and a deeper understanding of one's own self is made possible.

Supporting one's own natural healing process is always a disciplined and hard work on oneself, which one has to patiently and mindfully give its individual time.

Meditation woman
Ear puncture with ear seeds
Medicine man

Ganzheitliche Therapie

This holistic and sustainable form of therapy thus takes into account all three levels of being - body, mind and soul - and integrates various treatment methods to enable comprehensive healing and transformation.

The synergy of these approaches not only treats the symptoms but also addresses the underlying causes. This holistic approach supports people to realise their full potential, live a meaningful life and achieve long-term change at all levels.

Language shows your thoughts. Your thoughts guide your body. That's how you put your spirit into the world.